Lim Siwan says the Cannes Film Festival was an experience he'll never forget

Lim Siwan has recently walked on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival as a leading actor of his movie "The Merciless". And at the international film festival, he received a standing ovation for 7 minutes, along with his fellow actors Seol Kyungkoo, Kim Heewon and Jeon Haejin.

Lim Siwan gave his thoughts on his special experience in Cannes after coming back to Korea. You know, he became first ever k-pop idol who is invited to the Cannes Film Festival.

Q. How did you feel when you first heard that "The Merciless" was invited to the Cannes Film Festival?
Lim Siwan: I heard it from Seol Kyungkoo and the CEO of the movie production company. It didn't feel real, but I could realize later because so many people congratulated me.

Q. What was special about the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival?
Lim Siwan: It felt like they set the stage just for us and our movie. It was thoroughly prepared, and I wanted to give something back. Everything I saw was new to me.

Q. How did you feel when you received a standing ovation?
Lim Siwan: On one hand, I was embarrassed, but it was amazing. And I was overwhelmed by it.

Q. What did you talk about with your fellow actors?
Lim Siwan: Seol Kyungkoo told me to come Cannes again on my honeymoon, haha. He led us, we could struck a variety poses on the red carpet.

Q. What was your most memorable moment in Cannes?
Lim Siwan: After the screening, we came out of the theater, receiving a standing ovation. And I got a lot of photo requests from foreign audiences. It was an experience I'll never forget.

Q. You're currently filming your new drama. How is it going?
Lim Siwan: The schedule for filming is very tight, and I thank the production crew of the drama for allowing me to go to Cannes. I'll try my best.

Q. What does "The Merciless" mean to you?
Lim Siwan: Usually, I don't watch my dramas or movies more than twice. But, I want to watch "The Merciless" again and again because I can be absorbed in the movie, instead of caring about how I did in the movie.