Lee Hyori even didn't know about IU's appearance in "Hyori's Guest House"

As it was reported, IU will appear in JTBC's "Hyori's Guest House" as a regular. IU will be employed as a staff member of Hyori's guest house, and with Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon, she will greet guests and experience life in Jeju Island.

You know, it's the first time for IU to appear in a reality show as a regular, and as I said before, she decided to appear in "Hyori's Guest House" as a regular because she likes and respects Lee Hyori so much.

By the way, the interesting thing is that Lee Hyori herself even didn't know that IU will appear in the show.

According to the officials, before IU decided to appear in the show as a regular, Lee Hyori told the production crew "I hope a young artist who's working in the k-pop world will appear in my show". After then, the production crew asked IU to appear in the show as a regular because they thought the two have many things in common. And IU readily accepted the proposal because, yeah, she likes Lee Hyori so much.

IU didn't tell Lee Hyori about her appearance in the show because IU is not acquainted with the sexy star, and Lee Hyori heard about IU's appearance in "Hyori's Guest House" for the first time on her first day of shooting. According to the officials, Lee Hyori was very excited at that time. Actually, as the queen of k-pop, Lee Hyori has designated IU as her successor a few times at private meetings with her friends, and she likes the young and talented artist too.

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