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K-pop girl groups' university festival schedules in May 2017 (MAMAMOO is the queen of festival)

May is the university festival season in Korea. The country has many university festivals, while universities invite various k-pop idol groups to their festivals. Well, basically, universities prefer girl groups to boy groups because girl groups are usually loved not only by males but also by females, unlike boy groups who are usually loved only by females. Then, which girl group do you think is the most sought-after team among university students? To say the conclusion first, it's MAMAMOO.

MAMAMOO is well known for its outstanding singing ability, and university students love the girl group because the 4 members certainly know how to liven up the atmosphere. Furthermore, MAMAMOO has so many female fans. MAMAMOO absolutely is the queen of university festival.

So, check out how many university festivals k-pop girl groups are invited to. It could be the girl groups' popularity ranking among university students, while the ranking could mean a lot because being ranked high on it means the girl group earns a lot of money.(Of course, some girl groups can't attend many university festivals even though they're very popular among university students due to their hectic schedules )

1. MAMAMOO - 14 university festivals
May 10 Sejong University
May 11 Baejae University
May 12 Wonkwang Health Science University
May 16 Myongji University
May 17 Gumi University, Gimcheon University
May 18 Hallym University, Yeoju University
May 19 University of Science and Technology, University of Seoul
May 24 Chonbuk National University, Wonkwang University
May 25 Hanyang University
May 26 Ajou University

2. GFriend - 10 university festivals
May 17 Hanbat National University
May 18 Kyungpook National University
May 19 Yeungnam University, Kyungnam University
May 23 Wonkwang University
May 24 Cheju University
May 25 Dong-A University
May 26 Hanyang University, Kyunghee University
May 31 Hannam University

3. Gugudan - 9 university festivals
May 11 Korea University of Technology and Education, Baekseok Arts University
May 12 Sangji Youngseo College
May 16 Hanbat National University
May 18 Gimcheon University, Kumoh National Institute of Technology
May 24 Dongguk University
May 25 Gyeongin National University of Education
June 1 Cheongju University

4. OH MY GIRL - 6 university festivals
May 12 Korea University of Technology and Education
May 18 Hoseo University, Baekseok College of Cultural studies
May 19 Kyungpook National University
May 24 Yong In University, Korea University

5. BLACKPINK - 5 university festivals
May 16 Konkuk University, Myongji University
May 17 Sungkyul University
May 19 Kwangwoon University
May 20 Yonsei University

6. LABOUM - 4 university festivals
May 18 Hongik University
May 23 Keimyung University
May 24 Yeungjin College, Korea University

7. Red Velvet - 3 university festivals
May 12 Masan University
May 19 Inje University
May 25 University of Incheon

7. EXID - 3 university festivals
May 18 Korea Ploytechnic Colleges
May 23 Kyunghee University
May 26 University of Ulsan

7. MOMOLAND - 3 university festivals
May 17 Kyungpook National University
May 23 Daejin University
May 24 Korea University
10. WJSN - 2 university festivals
May 18 Chungang University
May 25 Shinhan University

10. 9 Muses - 2 university festivals
May 12 Korea Ploytechnic Colleges
May 17 Sunmoon University

10. DIA - 2 university festivals
May 19 Catholic University
May 23 Korea Ploytechnic Colleges

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