IU and Yoo Inna misunderstood by foreigners as an elementary school student and her sister

Actress Yoo Inna told a funny anecdote about herself and IU.

On May 15, Yoo Inna appeared on KBS 2FM's "Lee Suzy's Gayo Square" to celebrate comedian Lee Suzy for being selected as a new DJ of the radio program.

On the program, Yoo Inna said "IU and I traveled to Jejudo and the United States. When going on a journey, we do not give it a special meaning. Instead, we just enjoy it".

To this, Lee Suzy raised a laugh with her joke, saying "I think all men are alike because foreign men even didn't look at me when I wore a bikini in foreign countries. They don't care about me at all".

Yoo Inna added, laughing, "Actually, during our trip, it seemed like foreign men considered us as an elementary school student and her sister, haha".

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