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[Exclusive] AOA's Seolhyun is on the blacklist in the Korean film world

AOA's Seolhyun is in trouble because of FNC.

Seolhyun has chosen her new movie. According to the film officials, the female idol star will appear in "Ansi Castle". The historical film features the story of a battle between Goguryeo and Tang Dynasty. Famous actor Cho Insung will take the leading role, while Seolhyun will play his sister.

By the way, the problem is that Seolhyun was originally thinking about appearing in another movie "Rampant". Before deciding to appear in "Ansi Castle", Seolhyun had a meeting with the director of "Rampant" and it seemed everything was going ahead smoothly. Seolhyun responded positively to the proposal of "Rampant", and that's why the production crew of "Rampant" didn't even try to cast another actress. They believed that Seolhyun will appear in the movie and do a good job. "Rampant" is also a historical film, starring famous actor Hyun Bin.

However, Seolhyun suddenly began to contact with the production crew of "Ansi Castle". Actually, if she wanted to appear in "Ansi Castle", she should have refused the proposal from "Rampant" first because it's manners between actors and filmmakers in Korea. As I mentioned above, the production crew of "Rampant" believed that Seolhyun will appear in the movie and they didn't even try to cast another actress because they didn't have to.

I understand Seolhyun and FNC in some way. They didn't want to miss both of the movies, and they don't know how things go in the Korean film world because they're not movie professionals. However, again, if Seolhyun wanted to appear in "Ansi Castle", she should have refused the proposal from "Rampant" first. Even top stars in the Korean film world do not weigh more than two movies just like Seolhyun did. You know, even though Seolhyun is a popular k-pop idol but she's just a rookie actress in the Korean film world, and that's why people in the industry say "She's selfish and arrogant".

The more horrible thing is that FNC denied Seolhyun's appearance in "Ansi Castle" after it was reported on May 31, stating "We've received an offer, and we're just considering it".

Of course, it's not Seolhyun's fault. It was doubtless FNC's fault because FNC proceeded everything and all Seolhyun did was just obeyed the agency. But, as a result, Seolhyun is now on the blacklist in the Korean film world, and it is concerned that the young female idol will not be able to appear in a Korean movie any more.

I know FNC cares much about Seolhyun because she's the representative star of the agency, but FNC should have done better. Oh, reason why FNC chose "Ansi Castle" as Seolhyun's new movie? Actually, both "Ansi Castle" and "Rampant" will be distributed by NEW, and NEW solved the situation.

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