Even though "Real" is a movie of Kim Soohyun, Sulli played quite a big role

Sulli is coming back as an actress. "Real", a movie starring the former f(x) member and actor Kim Soohyun will be released in June.

The interest is on whether Sulli will be able to show her competitiveness as an actress. After leaving f(x) in 2015, Sulli turned into an actress, but she couldn't distinguish herself. Instead, she has been embroiled in controversy again and again, while "Real" will be her first movie since she left f(x). So, it's essential for her to show impressive acting performance in the movie because she needs to maintain her value as an entertainer.

According to the officials, Sulli took a difficult role to play in the movie, while it is expected that she will be able to show a different side of herself. And even though "Real" is a movie of Kim Soohyun, by Kim Soohyun and for Kim Soohyun, Sulli played quite a big role. Of course, it's true many people are expecting to watch her sexy bed scene, but what Sulli wanted to show is her acting ability, not her sexy figure. If Sulli does good in "Real", I'm sure she will be one of the hottest young actresses because many people in the Korean film industry have already recognized her striking looks and mysterious appeal.

And I hope I can have an interview with Sulli before "Real" will be released. Korean movie actors and actresses usually are interviewed by the press just before their new movies are released because the interview is included in their contracts. But I'm not sure yet if Sulli will be interviewed by the press because she's not the heroine of "Real" and it seems she doesn't like to be interviewed.

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