BoA told Joo Won to come back safely

BoA gave a supportive message to her boyfriend Joo Won, who is going to join the army soon.

On May 15, Joo Won attended a press conference for her new drama "My Sassy Girl" held in Seoul. At the event, the actor was asked about his enlistment and he said "I think I will be with my senior soldiers when the drama begins to air. I have no idea because I've never been to the army, but I think they will like heroines of our drama rather than me. They may want to meet Oh Yeon Seo and Kim Yoon Hye".

And of course, he was asked about his girlfriend BoA too because he has to part from her due to his enlistment. Check out what he talked about BoA.

BoA said it's quite a short period, whereas it's quite a long time. She just told me to come back safely.

Joo Won will join the army on May 16.