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WINNER feels sorry because they couldn't help Nam Taehyun when he had hard times

Q. You made a comeback after a long hiatus.
Seungyoon: I'm so excited now. It feels like we're debuting again. As we prepared a lot for our new album, I'm full of confidence now.
Mino: Even though we had a long hiatus, I couldn't have time to rest because I was busy doing my individual activities. But I feel very comfortable now. It feels like I'm home again.
Jinwoo: I want to get back to the basics and start with a renewed mind.
Seunghoon: Yeah, I'm a rookie at heart. I'll try to be very diligent.

Q. Weren't you worried about your long hiatus?
Seungyoon: I wasn't worried about it, but I worked on music very hard because I really wanted to release great music.
Seunghoon: When I was asked same question in the old days, I usually said I felt sad about our long hiatus. However, I've adapted to such a system. And I was not bored at all because I've been continuously communicating with our fans.

Q. It's your first ever album since Nam Taehyun left your team.
Seungyoon: We wanted to be together for a long time, but he had to leave the team because of his health. When he was active as a member of our team, he had hard times. It's too bad. At first, I was really worried because he has great singing ability and there are still many fans who love him. I was worried if we lose our popularity. But, we tried our best to fill the vacancy. Especially, Jinwoo tried really hard to improve his singing skills. I'm sure we got a great outcome.

Q. So, what did you do to improve your singing skills?
Jinwoo: I took vocal lessons continuously. I think I've relied so much on the team and I wanted to become the one who can ease the other members' burden. I practiced really hard.

Q. Tell me about your new song "Really Really."
Seungyoon: We wrote the song last year. We've released sentimental medium tempo songs because we wanted to differentiate ourselves from other idol groups. However, this time, I wanted to write dance music because I thought it's time to show something new.

Q. It's notable that Seunghoon designed the choreography of the song.
Seungyoon: Yang Hyun Suk entrusted it to him. I think the choreography is gorgeous. It's fresh.
Seunghoon: I did it in a heartbeat, and I could create the choreography in a single day.

Q. Did Yang Hyun Suk give any special advice on your new album?
Seungyoon: When we were filming our music video in the United States, he gave us feedback on it in real time. He said we need to try to be ourselves instead of pretending to be handsome.

Q. It seems like your new song "Fool" is a song for Nam Taehyun.
Seungyoon: Yeah, the motif of the song was the vacancy of him. I'm so sorry I couldn't help him when he was having hard times.

Q. All the BIGBANG members will enlist in the army, and people say you are the one who can fill the boy group's void.
Seungyoon: No, we can't. We know we're still lacking in many things. However, we hope to continue to grow as artists just like BIGBANG did. We'll try to build our own world of music.

Q. Mino, did you enjoy filming "New journey to the west"?
Mino: Well, as it was my first time to appear in an entertainment program and there were big seniors, I was nervous at first. However, they took care of me great, and I could receive a lot of attention from viewers. I think direction and editing of the program were really great. I'm thankful for it, and I'm very happy now.

Q. iKON will make a comeback soon too. What do you think about your competition with the group?
Seungyoon: It will be fun. We're very close, and I think we'll whoop it up in our waiting room. As a fan of iKON, I'm really looking forward to their comeback. I think iKON's music is more energetic than our music.

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