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What's actually going on with Suzy: Will she really leave JYP?

Suzy's contract with JYP Entertainment has expired on March 31, 2017, and the interest of her fans is collecting around whether or not the top k-pop star will renew her contract. You know, Suzy didn't say a word about the renewal of her contract even through it has been one month since her contract ran out, and that's why there have been so many rumors about her decision. Well, here's what's actually going on with her.

After Suzy's contract with JYP has expired, of course, some agencies contacted her to sign an exclusive contract with her because, yeah, she is a super star. And Suzy thought seriously of making a contract with one of the agencies, but she refused the proposal eventually. The agency is not big, but Suzy thought the agency can give full support to her and help her grow as a competent solo musician. (Suzy prefers an agency for musicians to an agency for actors because she hopes to keep on being active as a solo singer)

Suzy is also thinking about establishing her own agency. According to people close to her, she asked them about establishing her own agency. And she also asked her friend for advice. Her friend is a celebrity who has established his own agency, and Suzy asked detailed questions about establishing and operating her own agency.

In this situation, JYP really wants to renew the contract but the only thing JYP can do is wait for Suzy's decision. Good news for JYP is there has been no discord between Suzy and the agency, while Suzy has a good feeling toward JYP and Park Jin Young. However, it's also true Suzy was not fully satisfied with her life in JYP because she couldn't do everything she wanted in the agency. For example, JYP was very passive about Suzy's solo debut even though Suzy has been looking forward to it. JYP thought it could harm Miss A's teamwork.

For now, there's a good chance that Suzy will establish her own agency, but nothing is confirmed yet. She's busy filming her new drama now, and she'll announce her final decision after finishing filming the drama.

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