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Will T-ara be really disbanded?

On March 16, 2017, MBK Entertainment, home to T-ara announced that the girl group members' contract with the agency will expire in May and their new album to be released in the month will be T-ara's last album as a 6-member group. The 6 members will be still active as members of T-ara till the end of June, but according to MBK, they'll discuss about their future after then.

Some of people in the k-pop world are insisting that Kim Kwang Soo is now playing the media, saying "There is no problem between T-ara and MBK, and what Kim Kwang Soo wants is to receive much attention from the public before T-ara's comeback." According to them, MBK will do a flip-flop on the issue and the T-ara members will be active as a team as if nothing ever happened.

But, let's accept MBK's announcement as true, anyway. Actually, it is uncommon for k-pop idol group and its agency to announce that they'll release their last album just before their comeback, which means T-ara and MBK's decision is very firm. And it seems many people are sure T-ara will be disbanded because, yeah, MBK's announcement implies it. Since T-ara's bullying problem surfaced in 2012, there has been a fierce public criticism toward the girl group. And recently, T-ara was in trouble with its former member Hwayoung again, and the T-ara members eventually decided to leave their agency because they thought they can't deal with such problems any more.

However, there are some variables. The T-ara members said they're not thinking about the breakup of the team just 4 months ago when they were interviewed by the press. At that time, they looked so confident about themselves and it seemed that there was no problem between them and their agency. Besides, it's notable that all the members' contracts with MBK will expire at the same time. When k-pop agencies make contacts with their idol groups, they usually make a difference in the period of each member's contract because it helps them make the idols stay there. However, when the T-ara members made latest contracts with MBK, the members adjusted the period to make their contracts expire at the same time. By doing so, they showed their will to be together for a long time.

So, here's a possible scenario. Even after their contracts with MBK will expire, the 6 members can make a contract with other agency or establish their own agency and be active as T-ara together. Yeah, just like Highlight, who left Cube Entertainment and changed their name from BEAST to Highlight.

Of course, there still is a possibility that some of the members will renew their contracts with MBK and T-ara will be practically disbanded because MBK wants to renew its contract with some of the T-ara members who can make profits as solo artists such as Hyomin and Jiyeon. Well, let's see how it goes.

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