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Lim Siwan will not replace Kwanghee as a new member of "Infinite Challenge"

Q. Let's talk about your new movie "One Line". You played a swindler in the movie, and it's notable that you finally changed your image. You know, you've always played good guys in your previous dramas such as "The Moon That Embraces The Sun" and "Misaeng."
Siwan: Actually, I'm not the one who changed my image. The director of "One Line" changed my image, and I just accepted his suggestion. So, when I was filming the movie, I tried to focus on expressing my character as naturally as I could, instead of thinking about a change of image.

Q. What does "One Line" mean to you?
Siwan: In the old days, I was a perfectionist with my work. When I was filming "Misaeng," I had to prepare everything thoroughly, and that's why I was under a lot of stress. I felt great joy when people praised my acting performance, but the whole process was not a pleasure because I couldn't enjoy acting. So, I did a lot of thinking about my acting style, and I decided to change it. When I filmed "One Line," I didn't prepare everything thoroughly. Instead, I worked completely focused at the film site. "One Line" means a lot to me because it is the first movie in which I tried my new acting style.

Q. Just like you character in the movie, are you good at cheating people?
Siwan: No, not at all. There are many characters inside me, but I'm not the one who is very good at it. As I have a different personality from the character, I had to make much effort to get into the character.

Q. In the Korean movie world, you are a young actor of good reputation. It seems you're always praised for your kind manner. What do you think about it?
Siwan: Well, I am afraid I hardly deserve such high praise. I just wanted to be close with my coworkers, and I drank with them often because I love to drink with my senior actors.

Q. You turned 30 years old this year. When will you join the army?
Siwan: My enlistment has been repeatedly delayed due to a kind of a conflict of interest. I hate to make my fans wait for a long time, but I can't delay enlistment any longer. It's not confirmed yet, and I think I will join the army after my new drama "The King Loves" comes to an end.

Q. Your team mate Kwanghee has recently joined the army too.
Siwan: Yeah, when he was chosen as a new member of "Infinite Challenge," I envied him because I'm such a big fan of the program. Even though he had to go through a period of adjustment, he did much better in the end. I was proud of him.

Q. Don't you want to replace Kwanghee as a new member of "Infinite Challenge"?
Siwan: Me? No. I know I'm not suitable for "Infinite Challenge." I just love to watch the program.

Q. You've received love calls from various agencies since your contract with Star Empire expired. Are there any specific reasons why you decided to make a contract with Plum Entertainment, home to Kang Sora?
Siwan: My acquaintance with Kang Sora affected my decision, and I have known the head of the agency for a long time.

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