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HIGHLIGHT says it's not on bad terms with Cube Entertainment

Q. It's your first ever album since you left Cube Entertainment and changed your team name. How do you feel?
Doojoon: It's true we're worried and nervous about our new start. However, we know so many fans are supporting us, and we hope we'll make great memories together. We'll try our best.
Yoseob: Yeah, there are many people who cheer for us. Some say they congratulate us on our comeback, while others say they congratulate us on our debut.

Q. You've changed your name from BEAST to HIGHLIGHT. Why did you choose that name?
Dongwoon: I'm the one who created the name. The title of BEAST's last album was "Highlight" and it's the team name which contains the meaning "We want to be the highlight of the k-pop world." We'll muscle up and go for it because it's the second chapter of our career.
Yoseob: I recommended "With Us" as our new team name, but all the members didn't like. They said it sounds like a name of a convenience store.

Q. Don't you feel sorry that you can't use your old name "BEAST" any more?
Doojoon: We felt sorry because things didn't go according to our expectations. We wanted to keep using the name but the negotiations with our former agency didn't go well. We think we did it as best we could but the result was not good. However, we couldn't make our fans wait endlessly, and that's why we made a comeback as Highlight.
Yoseob: We can reclaim our old name but it could take a hell of a long time. I know our fans love us rather than our old name, and that's why we decided to make a comeback.

Q. So, will you reclaim your old name when the right time comes?
Yoseob: Well, it's true we became known as BEAST and we've recently talked about reclaiming the name as a joke. However, we know our fans are spending much money to promote our new name Highlight, and we will use the name for a long time to come.

Q. Some of your fans are worried if you are on bad terms with Cube Entertainment.
Doojoon: It's not true. Cube encouraged us to make a fresh start as Highlight. We have no bad feelings against Cube. And the agency promised to help us any way it can. You don't need to worry about our relationship with Cube.
Dongwoon: We still love Hong Seung Sung, the CEO of Cube Entertainment. When our contract with Cube expired, he told us to feel free to tell him what we need at any time. He is our mentor who can give superb advice for us.
Gikwang: We don't think ill of someone, and we love peace.

Q. Tell me about your new album.
Junhyung: The album is a mini album which contains a total of 5 tracks. As always, we've exchanged a lot of opinions about the album, and all the members took much part in it. And as it's our first album since we changed our name to Highlight, we wanted to show cheerful and energetic image of ourselves through the title track "Plz don't be sad." Please show lots of love.

Q. Since you debuted in 2009, you've been protected by Cube Entertainment, one of the biggest k-pop agencies. Didn't you have any difficulty establishing your own agency after leaving Cube?
Yoseob: It was hard to make our minds to establish our own agency. And I know we'll face some hard times in the future. However, I'm just happy that we can work pleasantly with our staff members.
Junhyung: We're satisfied with the fact that all the people in our agency work only for us. And I think we'll feel rewarded making a small agency grow.

Q. Is there anything you want to say to your fans?
Doojoon: We just changed our name due to unavoidable circumstances, and there is no difference between BEAST and HIGHLIGHT. We will be as we always have been. And we thank our fans for waiting for such a long time.

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