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AOA bursts into tears at its first ever exclusive concert

On March 11, 2017, AOA held its first ever exclusive concert at the Olympic Hall at Olympic Park in Seoul. Well, the concert was good. The sixth-year girl group performed its hits such as "Like a cat," "Miniskirt" and "Heart Attack," while the 7 members showed their solo performances too.

Check out the set list for their solo performances.

Chanmi: Wiz Khalifa & Iggy Azalea – Go Hard or Go Home
Hyejung: Ben - Just Like a Dream, Gain - Bloom
Minah: Sunmi - 24 hours
Seolhyun: A medley of Beyonce hits (dance cover)
Choa: PRIMARY - Don't be Shy
Yuna: Crush - Beautiful
Jimin: own song - HEY

They did good, and I could see they put a lot of effort into singing and dancing practice. And it was also notable that the members covered BIGBANG and BTS' songs at their concert. After performing "BANG BANG BANG," Minah said in a cute tone, "Did I look like G-Dragon?"

By the way, at the end of the concert, the members burst into tears, which made their fans concerned.

It was the girl group's first ever exclusive concert since its debut in 2012, and that's one reason why the members were filled with emotions and burst into tears. But, there is a story behind it. You know, AOA has had ups and downs since its debut. In 2014, AOA made 3 consecutive hits with its songs "Miniskirt," "Short Hair" and "Like a Cat," and it seemed that AOA had nothing to fear. AOA became one of the hottest k-pop girl groups right away, and in 2015, AOA's new song "Heart Attack" became a big hit.

However, the girl group had to suffer an ordeal in 2016. AOA's Seolhyun and Jimin have embroiled in a controversy due to their lack of knowledge of history in May 2016. In their reality program, "Channel AOA," the two idol stars tried a history quiz but couldn't recognize Ahn Jung Geun, who was a famous Korean independence fighter. After the broadcast, a firestorm of criticism was directed at them. And unfortunately, there still are many Korean people who think ill of them due to the incident.

In this situation AOA made a comeback with its new album in January 2017, but the result was below expectations. Both of the girl group's double title tracks, "Excuse me" and "Bing Bing" ranked low on Korean online music charts.

So, it was natural for the AOA members to burst into tears at their first ever exclusive concert because all the memories about their ups and downs must have recurred to their minds. And it also made them have many thoughts in their heads that they performed in front of only 2500 audiences, which is very small as the number of audiences of a popular k-pop idol group. As I said, the girl group was once one of the hottest k-pop girl groups, but it has been having a difficult time lately, while the members couldn't earn big money yet, unlike most of k-pop fans think.

Anyway, I hope that AOA has amazing and bright future because I could see the members are doing their best and are now desperate for success at their concert. I'm sure they'll be able to get a chance to improve the situation in 2017.

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