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Why people in the Korean entertainment world willingly congratulate BoA and Joo Won on becoming lovers

On January 18, k-pop queen BoA and famous actor Joo Won admitted to being in a romantic relationship with each other. Well, most of you might be surprised at the news. They met for the first time at a gathering of friends in 2015. And they had good feelings toward each other on their first meeting because they had some mutual interests.

You know, BoA began her acting career in 2014 and she is still a rookie actress who has many questions about acting, while Joo Won, who debuted as an actor in 2006 and has shown his great acting ability through various dramas is the one who can give answers to her questions. And as Joo Won was originally a musical actor, he has a lot of interest in singing, while BoA is No.1 female singer in Korea. In addition, both stars like to play golf, and that's why they could become intimate with each other in a short time.

By the way, after their romantic relationship was known to everybody, all the people in the Korean entertainment world willingly congratulated them on becoming lovers. You may think it's a matter of course, but it's not. People in the entertainment industry usually don't even care about entertainers' romance because there are many entertainers who are involved with too many men or women and they usually break up with their lovers so soon. In addition, as there are some entertainers who are arrogant and overbearing, people in the entertainment industry don't like to congratulate them.

So, reason why people in the Korean entertainment world willingly congratulated BoA and Joo Won on becoming lovers is that they are two of Korean entertainers who are keeping a very straight and narrow life and kind to everyone around them. Actually, both of them are well known for their great personality among people in the Korean entertainment world, while they are much alike in character because both of them are good-hearted.

BoA is always modest even though she has achieved so many things as a global star, and Joo Won hasn't changed a bit since his debut although he became a top star now. Last year, a person who works for a cinema PR company told me that she wishes all actors were like Joo Won. Movie actors usually have to take part in a variety of promotional events for their movies. However, some arrogant actors refuse to do it, saying "I'm an actor, not a publicist for the movie." But Joo Won does his best in everything and always tries to care for people around him even though he should be so tired due to his tight schedules.

Well, I wish the great couple every happiness.

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