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Reasons why k-pop agencies are reluctant to make their trainees appear in "Produce 101" season 2

Mnet is currently preparing for the broadcast of the second season of its popular audition program "Produce 101." You know, "Produce 101" was one of the most popular Korean TV show in 2016, while I.O.I, k-pop girl group consists of 11 trainees who took part in the audition program has gained great popularity too. The second season will feature the story of 101 male trainees who dream of becoming k-pop stars, unlike the first one in which 101 female trainees appeared.

By the way, many k-pop agencies are now reluctant to make their trainees appear in the second season of "Produce 101." Do you know why?

First, big k-pop agencies such as SM and YG don't need to take part in the program because they have their own systematic training system and effective tools to promote their trainees. And they don't like to open their trainees before their official debut because they think it could lower the value of the future stars. You know, JYP made its trainee Somi appear in the first season of "Produce 101" and it had some positive effects on the agency, but it seems like JYP will not take part in the second season of the program because it thinks it doesn't need to any more.

Second, it's true that I.O.I has gained great popularity, but there have been a lot of problems regarding the girl group's activities. As the girl group is comprised of 11 members from 8 different k-pop agencies, there have frequently been conflicts of opinions among the agencies. So, the agencies don't want to do it again.

Third, in 2016, Mnet's another audition program "Boys 24," which was called the male trainee version of "Produce 101" has suffered from low ratings. The program was not the issue at all. That's why people in the k-pop world are not sure that the second season of "Produce 101," which features the story of 101 male trainees will be a success and they are reluctant to decide to participate in the program.

Fourth, Mnet wants to sign a two-year contract with a boy group which will be formed through the second season of "Produce 101." I.O.I has made a one-year contract with Mnet but the broadcasting company wants to extend the contract period this time because it could be more profitable to the broadcasting company. Well, however, k-pop agencies don't agree with it because the agencies want to bring their trainees back to them as soon as possible.

Fifth, Han Dong Chul, a famous TV producer who's directed many popular TV shows including "Show Me The Money," "Unpretty Rap Star," and "Produce 101" decided to leave Mnet, and the second season of "Produce 101" will be directed by a new producer of Mnet. People in the k-pop world give credit to Hang Dong Chul because he has achieved success with many popular TV shows, and the fact that he is not in charge of "Produce 101" is making them hesitate in joining the second season of the program.

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