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[POLL] Suzy vs Seohyun: Who's going to be the winner of k-pop queens' war?

It's k-pop queens' war. Miss A's Suzy will release her first ever solo album on January 24, while her warm-up single will be released on January 17. And Girls' Generation's Seohyun, who is considered as one of the most famous female k-pop idol stars, will also make a debut as a solo singer on January 17. So, the two k-pop queens will have a head-to-head contest on the day, and extra attention is now focused on who's going to be the winner of the k-pop queens' war.

No doubt, Suzy is one of the most successful female k-pop idol stars. She's been on a roll since her debut, while she's achieved many things as a member of Miss A, actress, and CF model. In addition, contrary to popular opinion, she is a good enough singer. She has attractive and beautiful voice, and she has a good basic skills as a singer. It seems like there's no doubt about Suzy's success as a solo singer.

Seohyun is well known for her great singing ability. As a member of Girls' Generation-TTS and a musical actress, she's already proven that she's capable enough to gain a complete success as a solo singer. And one of her strengths is that she is one of the stars in Korea who have no anti fans. She is very likeable and popular among Korean people, and that's why people in the k-pop world say she is very likely to make a successful debut as a solo singer.

By the way, some of k-pop fans might think SM, home to Seohyun, deliberately set the female idol star's solo album release date for January 17 because the agency wanted to face off against Suzy and JYP. But it's not true. SM already had plans for Seohyun's solo debut last year, and the project is just going forward as planned. SM has great expectations for Seohyun's solo debut because she is the youngest Girls' Generation member and has great singing and dancing skills. People in the agency told me, "We expect that Seohyun will be as successful as her team mate Taeyeon as a solo singer."

And JYP has great expectations for Suzy's solo debut too. As she is the representative star of the agency, JYP is giving its full support to her solo debut now. Actually, Suzy has long wanted to release her solo album but JYP refused it because they thought Suzy's solo debut might have a bad influence on Miss A's team work. That's why JYP feels a bit sorry for Suzy and tries to give more support to her.

So, who do you think will be the winner of k-pop queens' war? Suzy or Seohyun? Let's take a poll.

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