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How things are going on about Kim Hyunjoong’s ex-girlfriend scandal

In 2015, Kim Hyunjoong had a paternity test and it was revealed that his ex-girlfriend gave birth to his real son. At that time, the big star’s parents held a press conference and said “We’re very sorry for the baby because we couldn’t’ take care of him. We’re just thankful that he is healthy. And as we said before, we’ll try to fulfill all the responsibilities we are given.” Even though Kim Hyunjoong was so damaged by his ex-girlfriend scandal as an entertainer, it seemed all the things will settle down. However, a fight between Kim Hyunjoong and his ex-girlfriend hasn’t ended yet. They’re still fighting in court. Well, let’s see how things are going on about the star’s ex-girlfriend scandal.

In 2012, Kim Hyunjoong met her ex-girlfriend for the first time and they became lovers. But their happiness didn’t last long. She accused the singer and actor of assault in August 2014 but charges against him was soon dropped because Kim Hyunjoong apologized her. However, in February 2015, she started her fight against Kim Hyunjoong again by insisting that she’s pregnant with his baby. And in April 2015, the woman lodged a compensation claim against him, insisting that Kim Hyunjoong forced an abortion and she’s suffered psychological damages. And Kim Hyunjoong filed a countercharge against her in July 2015.

Well, let’s see what Kim Hyunjoong’s ex-girlfriend insisted. She insisted that she got pregnant a total of 5 times.

1st pregnancy: “Kim Hyunjoong forced an abortion.”
2nd pregnancy: “I had a miscarriage due to his assault.”
3rd pregnancy: “Kim Hyunjoong forced an abortion.”
4th pregnancy: “Kim Hyunjoong forced an abortion.”
5th pregnancy: “I gave birth to his son.”

After a long trial, the court reached its final decision in August 2016. To say the conclusion first, the court agreed with Kim Hyunjoong. The judge said “It’s true she was assaulted by him, but she went see an ob-gyn 13 days later and didn’t comment about a miscarriage at that time. And she didn’t get treatment for a miscarriage either, which means it’s hard to say the miscarriage is because of his assault. And about the 4th pregnancy, she insists she became pregnant in October 2014 and got an abortion in December 2014, but there’s no record of her pregnancy. According to a medical record, she began menstruation on November 12, 2014, and there’s no admissible evidence for her pregnancy. And it’s also hard to say he forced her to get abortions because she told her friend that she never wants to give birth to her baby and she booked an abortion in person. So, it’s hard to sustain her in her claim, and she should pay 100 million won (about 85,000 USD) to him because he has been libeled and got a serious metal damage.”

By the way, she lodged an appeal against the decision of the court, and the trial is predicted to last for a long time. Actually, the situations are not favorable to her because she was prosecuted for fraud and libel in January 18, 2017, while prosecutors claimed that she manipulated her text messages to threaten Kim Hyunjoong.

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