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IU talks candidly about her full life history (concert review)

IU has successfully finished her exclusive concert held in Seoul from December 3-4 2016. I've been there, and of course, the female kpop star showed top class performance. She proved her ability as a very competitive young singer, and a total of 15,000 audience got enthusiastic about her performance.

By the way, it was not just an ordinary concert. Most of kpop singers focus on singing their songs at their concerts, and the concerts usually consist of a series of live performance. However, IU focused on delivering her real stories to audience. She talked candidly about her full life history through the concert, while she placed her hits very appropriately between the stories. Let’s see what she talked about at the concert. You will be able to see how mature and thoughtful she is.

It has already been 10 years. When I was a middle school student, I became a trainee of Loen Entertainment. As my fans may know, I was a very shy girl, and even the staff members of Loen Entertainment had difficulty becoming intimate with me. I was a solitary person and I even didn't like to talk to others.

My problem was that I thought I had nothing. I was poor, and there were so many other trainees who were much prettier and taller than me when I became a trainee. They even sang better than me. That's why I liked to dream alone. In my room, I dreamed of becoming better.

After becoming a trainee, my agency provided full support to me. The accommodation was really great and I had a room to myself. The room was very warm in winter, and my fridge and freezer were always full. My female manager cooked for me too.

However, I felt like I was getting into debt somehow, and I went into debt, as it turned out. Actually, trainees have to pay their debt to k-pop agencies after they debut. All the lesson fees, room charges and food expenses are trainee's debt. I've paid up my debts, of course. It is thanks to you. Well, my agency is one of the warmest k-pop agencies, anyway, haha.

In 2008, I released my debut song "Lost Child." I was still a middle school student then. Actually, I've been trained only for 10 months, haha. Anyway, "Lost Child" is a very difficult song to sing because the lyrics are really difficult to pronounce. After debuting, I've worked very hard. I released single, mini, and full albums one after another. I even didn't have sense of time.

You know, I've finally accomplished my dream of becoming a singer, but I couldn't realize it even after making a great hit with "Good Day." Frankly speaking, I realized it in 2014. Yeah, just 2 years ago. In the year, I was 22 years old, and I released new songs throughout the year. In spring, I released "Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms," and I love the song because the song is much loved every spring. And on May 16, 2014, I released my new album "Flower bookmark." I was very moved because the album was loved by so many fans even though the album was a special remake album.

After releasing the remake album, I held a concert at a little theater. I have a very happy memory about it.  I love all the songs I performed at the concert, but "Meaning of you" is my favorite. The song makes my heart throb.

And after finishing my concert, summer has come to the world. You know, I do not usually release my new song in summer because I think summer songs do not fit my voice well. But I released "Anxious heart" in the summer of 2014. Frankly speaking, when I listened to the song, I didn't like it because it didn't suit my taste. But I realized it is a very good song when I was preparing for this concert.

In the fall of 2014, I really wanted to take a break. However, a very famous kpop singer called me, and it was a real honor for me. Yeah, he was Seo Taiji, and I sang "Sogyeokdong" with him. I've never been to the village, but I sang the song with a very scenic landscape in my mind. And I could be featured as a singer in the album of god, one of my favorite singers in the year.

So, in 2014, I was loved by so many people. I became the singer of the year, and I've won so many trophies. However, I became very restless at that time because I thought I didn't deserve it. I couldn't just enjoy my success and I began to hate myself. That's why I didn't appear in any TV programs and I was just hiding in my house. I wasn't sure if I could meet your expectations. I went though a hard time, and I even couldn't sleep.

As I couldn't sleep, my brain was befogged all day. It was a vicious circle for them. By the way, my contract with Loen Entertainment ended at that time, and I had to make a decision. Of course, my agency is great and I didn't have to look at other options, but I couldn't make a quick decision because I was in a bad condition.

Eventually, I renewed my contract with my agency, and I began to take the initiative in producing my music. I've really wanted to produce my album on my own, but I hesitated about what to do when I was hard at work on my new album. I've really thought much about the album, my conclusion about that was that I should talk frankly about myself. Yeah, the album was "Chat-Shire."

"Chat-Shire" contains everything about me. I love the album, and I'm still in love with the album. I know some people don't like the album, but I'm very thankful to those who listened to the album very carefully because it means they care much about me. As it was the first time for me to produce my album on my own, I know it has left much to be desired. I'm sorry about that. But the album contains myself just the way I am, and that's why I could sleep soundly when I finished producing the album.

It has been a year since I released "Chat-Shire." I've been preparing for my new album, and yeah, I've appeared in my drama "Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo." I enjoyed filming the drama, and I could become intimate with the other actors. And after finishing filming the drama, I'm taking a break these days.

I think I opened my heart to others and became more cheerful because I could explore myself through "Chat-Shire." I like who I am now, and I'm not fearful of people's great love any more. Of course, I'm still trying to explore myself because I want to be a singer who can sing for you for a long time. And I'm still dreaming. Just like I achieved what I've dreamed of in my teens, I want to achieve what I'm dreaming of now. If I achieve those things in my thirties, you will be aware of what I'm dreaming of now.

In 2014, when I couldn't even sleep, I wrote "Knees" in my room alone. You may sleep when I sing the song because I wrote the song because I really wanted to sleep. Some say the song is a very dark song, but it's not true. I really wanted to live, and the song is about hope. I wish you all a very sweet dream awake or asleep.

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