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Yoona filmed a kissing scene with Ji Chang Wook only 3 days after they met (Interview)

Q. You've successfully finished your drama "The K2." How do you feel?
Yoona: It was my first Korean drama for a long time. I'm happy that I could show new aspects of myself through the drama. As so many fans gave me their interest and support, I could do it.

Q. What made you decide to appear in the drama?
Yoona: As I've had a long hiatus, I pondered on whether to appear in the drama. I was looking for a new challenge, and I wanted to escape from a fixed image. That's why I decided to appear in the drama.

Q. What did you gain from the drama?
Yoona: It's hard to say I made a great success, but I think I've accomplished the intended goal because many people say they could see a new side of me through the drama. I'm sure the experience could be a good stepping stone for me. And I want to say that the drama sparked my passion for acting. I want to know more about acting now.

Q. Have you enjoyed acting with actor Ji Chang Wook?
Yoona: The drama had a lot of action scenes, and it could be physically very hard to film the drama. However, he always tried to lead me without showing the slightest sign of tiredness. I think he's really passionate. And actually, I had to film a kissing scene with him only 3 days after we met. He asked my phone number first, saying let’s become intimate, because the director of the drama said we had to become intimate as soon as possible.

Q. How's your relationship with actress Song Yoona?
Yoona: She helped me a lot. She encouraged me by saying I'm doing good, and she tried to put my mind at ease. I think I could do better because of her. She really is a great actress and has enormous energy. And I think many people like "Two Yoonas" because there was an effective synergy between us.

Q. Are you happy with the drama's conclusion?
Yoona: I like open ended dramas. When I read the drama script for the first time, I was shocked because I did never know that everybody will die. Yoojin and Sejun's story was so sad, and I think Jeha and Anna could enjoy a life of happiness in Spain.

Q. Are you satisfied with your acting performance?
Yoona: No, it was not satisfactory. I think I should've done better. However, I don't regret my decision because I could learn a lot from the drama.

Q. What did the Girls' Generation members talk about your drama?
Yoona: The members always watch my drama. We usually talked over the drama on SNS, and they gave me lots of feedback as viewers. However, we never comment about each other's acting. Instead, we talk about clothes, hair, makeup, etc.

Q. In the drama, you had to run in your bare feet. Wasn't it hard to film the scenes?
Yoona: I think all I did in Barcelona was run, haha. However, it was just interesting to walk barefoot through the street. I had no fear of such things.

Q. You're going to appear in historical drama "The king loves" to be aired next year. Tell me about the drama.
Yoona: I'm really looking forward to it because I've never filmed a historical drama in Korea. And I think I will be able to become intimate with Lim Siwan because I heard that he's a good person.

Q. It has been 10 years since you debuted as an actress. How do you feel about it?
Yoona: Well, it's true I debuted as an actress 10 years ago but I couldn't have been very active as an actress because I had to focus on my activities as a member of Girls' Generation. I'm not an experienced actress yet.

Q. Is there anything you want to say to your fans?
Yoona: I think I could show many aspects of myself as an actress in 2016. I was happy that my Chinese drama "God of War Zhao Yun" was so popular in the country, and I love the nickname "Goddess of continent." I hope I'll meet my fans as much as I can at home and abroad.

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