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I.O.I Chaeyeon says SHINee Key is not only a perfect singer but also a perfect actor (Interview)

Q. You've successfully finished your drama "Drinking Solo." How do you feel?
Chaeyeon: As it was my first ever drama, it was really hard to play my role. However, many people around me helped me a lot. Kim Dong Young tried to relax me, while Gon Myung taught me how to act. And I felt uncomfortable with SHINee Key at first because he is a senior idol star, but I became comfortable with him later. I think he is a great person because he is not only a perfect singer but also a perfect actor.

Q. What made you decide to appear in the drama?
Chaeyeon: I passed an audition and wanted to appear in the drama, but my agency was in serious denial about it. I think they were worried about my hectic schedule. Eventually, I persuaded my agency and I've really enjoyed filming the drama. I don't have any regrets about my decision.

Q. Tell me your future plan as an actress.
Chaeyeon: Reason why I really wanted to become an actress was that actresses can play a variety of roles. I have so many roles I want to play including young student and chef.

Q. It seems like you have a very hectic schedule these days.
Chaeyeon: I slept 30 minutes for four days when I was busiest. It's true I sometimes suffer from stress, but I try to do my job with a positive mind.

Q. When you joined DIA, some of the I.O.I fans were so negative about it.
Chaeyeon: I felt sorry for them because they gave such a great support to me. I didn't want to disappoint them, but I had to follow my agency's decision. I was sorry and thankful for the I.O.I members too.

Q. I.O.I is going to be disbanded soon.
Chaeyeon: We talk much about it these days. We're trying to enjoy stage, and I'm so happy when I'm with them. We promised to get together 3-5 years after our breakup. We'll do our best at any given position.

Q. What do you think is your strong point?
Chaeyeon: I think my strong point is that I'm a positive person. I can live through anything. And I think I have good stamina too.

Q. Are you satisfied with your agency? Does Kim Kwan Soo take good care of you?
Chaeyeon: Usually, he doesn't give any comments to me. However, I think he often watched my drama because he recently said I need to correct my posture. And about my hectic schedule, he said it's the thing I have to get through. When I was appearing in "Produce 101," I asked him why he cast me because I was incompetent and fat before debut. What he said was "I liked your eyes." Anyway, I would be nothing without my agency, and that's why I'm so thankful for the agency.

Q. How's your life as an idol?
Chaeyeon: I couldn't have enough time to prepare for my debut because my trainee period was no long. As I'm a timid person, I'm sometimes afraid I'm going to disappoint my fans. Because of the pressure, I sometimes cry when I'm with my closest friends. But I think I'm getting stronger. Now I know being active as an idol requires great endurance.

Q. What's your goal?
Chaeyeon: I think I'm a very lucky girl because I'm loved by so many people. I will try to be always honest in front of the public and I hope I will be able to develop my capabilities.

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