Actor Cho Sungha's candid comments about Girls' Generation Yoona & Yuri

(had an interview with him after the end of "The K2")

Early this year, I appeared in "Neighborhood Hero" with Girls' Generation's Yuri, and I could enjoy acting with Yoona through recently ended drama "The K2." I think I'm so lucky, haha. Yuri has a nice personality. Whenever she came to film the drama, she made me really happy. She is more than just a pretty face. And when I met Yoona for the first time, she gave me a hug as if I'm her real father. So I treated her as if she's my real daughter too. She laughs a lot and has a positive energy which makes people happy. Both of them are faithful and always make thorough preparations for their acting. They do their best to do their bit. I'm sure they have a lot of potential and they'll be able to be active as actresses for more than 50 years. Actually, I've chosen Seohyun as my favorite Girls' Generation member before, and I hope I will be able to enjoy acting with Seohyun some tome or other. And these days, I think Sooyoung is doing really good as an actress. If there is a chance, I want to act with Sooyoung too. Well, I think I have to meet all the Girls' Generation members in my drama, haha.