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TWICE TT press conference: The hottest kpop girl group comments about its rivalry with I.O.I

Q. It seems like you made a very successful comeback. You topped various online music charts with your new song "TT." How do you feel?
Nayeon: On our way back from Busan yesterday, we were so tired and fell asleep. However, after hearing that we were ranked No.1 on online music charts, we cried out with one accord.
Jungyeon: I'm very happy that we are much loved by so many people. Even though I can't get enough sleep and always have to take diet, I can get energy from our fans.

Q. Tell me about your new album.
Nayeon: The album, titled "TWICEcoaster : LANE 1" contains a meaning "Let's enjoy the exciting moment just like when we ride a roller coaster." And the title song "TT" is a cheerful pop dance track which is about girls who fell in love for the first time.
Jihyo: Famous songwriting team Black Eyed Pilseung gave us a gorgeous song. The song includes our energetic and cheerful charm.

Q. When do you realize you're so popular?
Nayeon: I think the cheers of our fans are growing louder and louder. And I realize our popularity when the general public sings along with us.
Sana: We performed "Cheer Up" at various places, and it was very impressive that so many people sang along to the song.

Q. It seems like you get along so well with each other. What is the secret of your teamwork?
Nayeon: We have conversation with each other at our accommodation and always try to spend time together. As we also go shopping together, we all are best friends.

Q. When was your happiest moment since debut?
Nayeon: I'm at my happiest when I perform on the stage.
Tzuyu: I went home to my family on Chuseok, and I was very happy when I visited my parents' cafe and ate delicious food. And doing a V-app live broadcast on our first anniversary was a very memorable moment too because I could talk to so many fans.

Q. You made a comeback around the same time as I.O.I. What do you think of your rivalry with the girl group?
Nayeon: Well, I'm very happy that Somi became so popular as a member of I.O.I. As both of us are rookies, we need to learn and share rather than compete.
Chaeyoung: I talked to Somi on the phone today. I told her I.O.I's song is so good.
Sana: Yeah, the song is great. I always dance along to the music.

Q. It seems like Park Jin Young devoted himself to writing I.O.I's new song just before your comeback. Weren't you disappointed about it?
Nayeon: No, not at all. he is a famous songwriter who writes songs for so many singers. I was just very happy that Somi took the top spots of various music charts.
Mina: I wasn't disappointed about it because he takes much care of us too.

Q. What do you think is your most attractive feature?
Jungyeon: I think I have boyish charm.
Tzuyu: Even though I'm the youngest, the other members say I'm the most influential member, haha.
Dahyun: I have soft skin, and I'm the tofu of TWICE.
Mina: I think I'm the calmest and coolest member of the team.
Nayeon: I'm the eldest, and I think I sometimes play a support role for the members.
Sana: I'm a sexy cutie.
Jihyo: I have a big voice.
Chaeyeon: I have charge of rap performance.
Momo: I'm in charge of dance performance of the team. I think I'm charismatic on the stage, but I'm cute when I talk.

Q. What's your goal?
Jihyo: Even though it has been just a year since our debut, we released a total of 3 mini albums. Before making a comeback, we tried to find a reason why we're much loved by so many fans, and I think it is because of our bright energy. I hope we will be able to transmit our bright energy to many people.

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