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Starship's Eagerness for Monsta X's Success

You know, SISTAR, who debuted in 2010 made a huge success in the k-pop world. Actually, SISTAR's success was a surprise because many people in the k-pop world said it could be not easy for the girl group to achieve a big success because the members were not as pretty as other female k-pop idols. Anyway, after a huge success of SISTAR, Starship Entertainment, home to the sexy girl group, began to be considered as one of the most successful k-pop agencies.

However, Starship's ordeal began soon. The agency's rookie idol group Boyfriend debuted in 2011, but the team suffered defeat after defeat. Even though it has been years since debut, the group couldn't achieve desired results yet. Boyfriend's failure is mainly because they failed in differentiating themselves from other k-pop boy groups, and it was quite shocking for Starship because the agency was very confident of Boyfriend's success and invested a good sum of money to promote the team.

In this situation, Starship decided to bring out a brand new boy group to recover Boyfriend's failure. Yeah, it's Monsta X, who debuted in 2015. As Starship hurt its pride due to the failure of Boyfriend and needs a new idol group who is able to lead the agency into the future, the agency is now quite eager for the success of Monsta X. You know, Starship can't depend on SISTAR for ever.

However, as of now, Starship couldn't get a satisfying result because Monsta X couldn't get on the right track yet. Well, frankly speaking, it's true Monsta X is falling behind in the competition with the other promising young boy groups such as SEVENTEEN and iKON, while it's unbelievable that Starship repeated a same mistake. Monsta X failed in differentiating itself from other boy groups just like Boyfriend did. Monsta X is a hip-hop idol, but there's nothing unique about the team. The group is not as fresh as SEVENTEEN, while its music is not as catchy as iKON's.

But, I don't take a gloomy view of Monsta X's future as their music is of high quality and the members are well trained. The good news for Monsta X is that Starship is one of the few k-pop agencies which have real music experts. They know what the music is, and they do not imitate the work of others. It has not been long since Monsta X debuted, so I expect the group will be able to grow up as one of the hottest k-pop idol groups who gain enormous popularity both in and out of Korea soon.

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