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Park Bogum takes kpop charts by storm: Is he really a good singer?

On October 11, Park Bogum released "My Person," the OST of his drama "Moonlight drawn by clouds." Have you listened to the song? By the way, it is very notable that the handsome TV star topped various online music charts with the song even though he is not a professional singer.

More than 20 years ago, it was a trend of Korean entertainment world that actors were active not only as actors but also as singers. They released their songs just like professional singers and gained a lot of popularity. Many of the most popular actors of the day, such as Jang Dong Gun, Son Ji Chang and Kim Min Jong have shown impressive performance as singers.

However, these days, few Korean actors release their songs because it is not a trend.(More precisely, they don't release their songs because it is not lucrative) They occasionally take part in the OST of their dramas, but it is very rare for them to rank high on music charts. Well, that's why Park Bogum's success with his song is so special.

Park Bogum's great success on music charts means that he is that much popular in Korea now. No doubt, he is one of the hottest young stars now, while many Korean females love him because he is not only handsome but also very modest and kindhearted. He is always friendly to people around him and never puts on airs. That's why there's no one who speaks ill of him in the Korean entertainment world. Personally, I think he is one of the two most good-natured male celebrities along with Lee Seung Gi.

Then, do you think Park Bogum is really a good singer? Well, I can't say he is a great singer, but he's not a bad singer either. As he didn't have a professional training as a singer, his singing technique is a little bit rough, while it seems like he has a difficulty in hitting the high notes. However, his voice is pure and attractive, which means he has a potential. I don't think he will be active as a singer in the future, but one thing is certain that the gentle-hearted young star will try to find various ways to please his fans.

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