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JYP's teenage actress receives attention as a super rookie

JYP Entertainment's teenage actress is now receiving great attention from people as a super rookie in Korea. Shin Eun Soo, who was born in 2002 has been cast in the lead role of the movie "VANISHING TIME: A BOY WHO RETURNED," while it is notable that she became the youngest female partner of top movie star Kang Dong Won.

Reason why the young actress is drawing so much attention is that she is very talented in acting and has excellent potential. She beat the odds of 1 in 300. Check out what the director of the movie and Kang Dong Won talked about her.

Uhm Tae Hwa - director of "VANISHING TIME: A BOY WHO RETURNED"
It was impressive that she acted very naturally during an audition. She's very cute, but she also has the confidence to be bold. I think she is not just pretty. She has a story in her face. She is a heaven-sent actress who has a great ability to concentrate.

Kang Dong Won - actor
When I saw her for the first time, I thought she really suits her character in the movie. She always prepares a lot for her acting, and she has a good understanding of her character.

JYP is now in great hope that Shin Eun Soo will become a super star. You know, she is not the same type of a rising star of the next generation as Suzy, who debuted as a member of Miss A before achieving a stardom as a TV star.

Check out what she talked about her first ever movie appearance.

As it was my first time to film a movie, I was very unfamiliar with it. However, Kang Dong Won and the director cared so much about me that I could film the movie very comfortably. They bought delicious snacks for me too.

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