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Is TWICE the Successor of Wonder Girls or Girls' Generation?

As a new girl groups of JYP Entertainment, one of the biggest k-pop agencies, TWICE has been on a roll since its debut in October 2015, while the girl group's rapid growth in a short period of time brings back the memory of Wonder Girls, JYP’s another girl group who debuted in 2007 and went straight to the top place as the most popular k-pop girl group.

JYP is greatly encouraged by TWICE's success because the agency has had a few failures for the past few years. JYP has produced super star Suzy but couldn't gain a complete success with Miss A, while GOT7 wasn't as successful as expected. TWICE is now the future of JYP, and of course, the girl group is considered as the successor of Wonder Girls by people in the agency.

By the way, some people in the k-pop industry say TWICE is the successor of Girls’ Generation, not Wonder Girls. Well, some might say it's ridiculous to say TWICE is the successor of Girls' Generation because they belong to different agencies. However, let's look at it from a broader perspective.

Since many years ago, there have been so many girl groups in the world of k-pop. However, only a few of them have achieved a success, while very few of the successful teams became girl groups who can hold their world tour and earn lots of money all over the world. Girls’ Generation is the best example of the very successful k-pop girl group, while Wonder girls, who was regarded as Girls’ Generation’s biggest rival has achieved a great success too but the team couldn’t become a girl group who holds its world tour regularly because many members left the team and the team had to have a long break. So, what people in the k-pop world are expecting now is that TWICE will continue to grow and become Girls' Generation-like girl group because it will give a boost to the k-pop industry.

The interesting thing about TWICE is that the girl group has something in common with Girls' Generation in terms of music. Just like Girls' Generation who has achieved a great success with its girlish and catchy hits such as "Gee" and "Genie," TWICE entered stardom with "Cheer Up" that is a girlish and catchy music. And both of the girl groups aim at becoming k-pop girl groups who can fascinate people of all ages, not just teenagers or adult males, while their musical contents are not raunchy and provocative at all unlike some of other k-pop girl groups'.

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