Interview with SHINee Minho at the Busan International Film Festival

Before deciding to appear in the movie, I had a phone call from actor Ma Dongsuk. He asked me "Let us be frank. Are you going to appear in the movie?" and I answered, "I want to. But I'm discussing it with my agency." To this, he said "Apart from whether or not you appear in the movie, I want to highly appreciate your attitude."(because it is unusual for top idol stars like Minho to appear in such a low-budget film) As soon as I hung up, I thought I have to appear in the movie because it was my first time to get such a praise. During filming the movie, I could get a lot of helpful advice from Ma Dongsuk. He really is a strong person, both externally and internally.

Fans would be very surprised to watch the movie because I do many kinds of deviant behaviors in the movie. I smoke, use bad language, and hit people. Actually, I've never experienced a real act of deviance in my real life, and that's why I was so curious to play the character. I wanted to express something special about myself.

The character is totally different from myself, and I feared to play the role at first. However, I thought it could be a new challenge for me, and I could find new aspect of myself during filming. I could sympathize with him because he has a strong sense of responsibility. I learn a lot from every drama and movie I appear in, but I felt much from "Derailed" than ever.

Before beginning my career as an actor, my dream was to attend Busan International Film Festival. I'm invited to the festival very luckily, and I think it's a great chance. When I was walking on the red carpet, I felt strange. And it was great to meet many cinema audiences through the GV(Guest Visit) event of my movie. It was a totally new experience for me.