Reason why it's an excellent choice for Taeyeon to become the new model for Banila co.

On September 28, Banila co. announced that Girls' Generation's Taeyeon is chosen as the new model for the cosmetics brand, while it is notable that the popular kpop star, who has been active as a model for another cosmetics brand Nature Republic made a fresh start with Banila co.

Actually, many people in the kpop world say that it's an excellent choice for Taeyeon to become the new model for the brand. Here's the reason for it.

In early September, the Seoul Central District Court issued a warrant to formally arrest Kim Soo Cheon, who works at the Incheon District Court, over suspicions he received some 170 million won (152,000 USD) worth of money and valuables from Jung Woon Ho, the former head of Nature Republic. Jung Woon Ho is now at the center of a lobbying scandal that is rocking the country's legal sector.

So, can you get what's going on? Jung Woon ho tarnished Nature Republic's image, and it could have had a negative effect on Taeyeon. In this situation, it was very smart for Taeyeon to decide to resign as a model for the brand.

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