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[POLL] GD vs TOP: Whose Acting is Better?

Since beginning his career as an actor by taking a lead role of KBS' drama "I am Sam" in 2007, BIGBANG's TOP has appeared in various dramas and movies such as "Into the fire," "Iris" and "Tazza: The hidden card." He is not a great actor yet, but he has shown his potential for becoming a competent actor. And the handsome idol star, who is so popular in various countries, is receiving many offers to star in various dramas and movies now.

But, some of the BIGBANG fans might have been curious about why G-Dragon, one of the most talented idol star, has never appeared in any drama or movie. The truth is that he has had many movie roles offered to him but he rejected them because he feels so embarrassed when he acts in front of a camera. Even though he is a great performer and electrifies so many audience by showing energetic performance on the stage, he is not used to act as an actor.

By the way, have you watched "Muhan Company" of "Infinite Challenge," which is G-Dragon's first drama since his debut in 2006? He did well in the drama. He looked very shy when he was filming the drama, but his acting performance was quite impressive, and I think some of the BIGBANG fans are looking forward to his another drama or movie.(Even though he never seems to continue his acting challenge)

So, what do you think? GD vs TOP, whose acting is better?

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