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MOBB refuses to become The Next GD&TOP

Q. I guess you are filled with emotion after finally releasing your album as MOBB.
Bobby: Well, I think it's a great opportunity for us. Every moment was memorable and special to me during preparing for the album.
Mino: We have similar tastes in music, and I’ve been looking forward to collaborating with Bobby. Fortunately, Yang Hyun Suk gave us a chance to release our album as one team.

Q. What advice did Yang Hyun Suk give you?
Bobby: He talked a lot about lyrics. He’s very meticulous and cares about every little thing about music. Actually, he scolded me for writing difficult lyrics, and that’s why I had to rewrite my lyrics over and over again.

Q. People say it takes too long for YG artists to release new album.
Mino: We're always sorry for making our fans wait. And I'm sometimes very anxious because I know so many people are waiting for our new album. However, I want to aim at perfection, and it usually takes a long time for us to release new albums because we want better results.

Q. It seems like some people compare you two to GD & TOP.
Bobby: We're extremely honored and we respect them, but we don't want to imitate them. We're not the next GD & TOP.
Mino: GD gave helpful advices for us when we were preparing for our album. He said the harmony between two members is the most important. I was so thankful for that.

Q. BLACKPINK made a very successful debut. How do you feel about it?
Bobby: They've been trained so long, and I'm so happy about their success.
Mino: I've seen them for a long time, and I'm glad they finally did it.

Q. Don't you want to date these days?
Bobby: Well, there are so many things I want to do and I have to do. That's why I can’t date. And actually, I'm not interested in date these days. For now, my focus is totally on music.
Mino: I know experience is important, but it's realistically impossible for us to date due to our tight schedules.

Q. What is your real personality like?
Mino: Bobby is normally very cute, but he is charismatic when he works on music. I think he's very professional because he is not only a modest person but also is a man who has a firm belief in himself. And as he is very polite, we've never been in a fight.
Bobby: Mino is a perfectionist. He's always very kind to me, but he's strict about music.

Q. What is your goal as MOBB?
Mino: It will be more than just a one-time event. We'll try many different kinds of music, so please look forward to it.

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