JYP decides to give full support to I.O.I

I.O.I is a time-limited girl group, and YMC Enteratinment is temporarily managing the team. By the way, the CEO of the agency is famous Korean singer Tae Jinah's oldest son, and that's why his another son Eru, who is well known as a ballad singer took part in writing I.O.I's debut song. However, the problem was that his songwriting ability is terrible and the song's quality was below expectations.

I.O.I's Somi, who took the No.1 ranking at "Produce 101" has been receiving great attention from the public as a promising idol star. The young talented idol is JYP's hope now. However, I.O.I's song was not as successful as expected(due to Eru's lack of songwriting ability), and Park Jin Young decided to give full support to Somi by taking part in writing I.O.I's upcoming new song.

I.O.I will be disbanded soon, and Somi will make an official debut as JYP's artist in the future. JYP is now discussing various possibilities. There's nothing confirmed yet, but one thing is certain that JYP will use every endeavor to grow her as the agency's new ace.