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Interview with WJSN Cheng Xiao: She was cramped in her waist during a rehearsal of Idol Athletic Championship 2016

Q. You won the gold medal in the rhythmic event at the idol athletic championship 2016. How do you feel?
Cheng Xiao: I'm so happy to get a good result of my efforts. And I'm very glad that I could repay my teachers and staff members for their great help. The WJSN members cheered a lot for me, and they were moved to tears after watching my performance.

Q. How did you prepare for the rhythmic event?
Cheng Xiao: I've practiced for about a month. Actually, It was never easy because I had to prepare for WJSN's comeback at the same time. As I really wanted to show great performance, I put much effort into everything.

Q. Were there any difficulties while competing in the rhythmic event?
Cheng Xiao: When I had a rehearsal, I was cramped in my waist. I took medicine and people around me helped me to relax my tense back muscles.
Q. Before participating in the idol athletic championship, you appeared in "My Little Television" and received great attention from people. How was the TV appearance?
Cheng Xiao: It was so happy to appear in the program because I really like the program. Before the airtime, I was very nervous and worried about surfing because it was my first time to surf. However, as many people helped me a lot, I could enjoy it. I'm so thankful to many people for their love.

Q. You are now one of the hottest idols. How do you feel?
Cheng Xiao: I'm just glad about it. I couldn't expect to gain popularity in such a short time.

Q. It seems like you're receiving love calls from various TV shows. Which TV show do you want to appear in?
Cheng Xiao: There are so many TV shows I want to appear in. I like "Radio Star," "Running Man," and "Infinite Challenge." And I want to appear in "Knowing Bros" again. Please give lots of love to WJSN.

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