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3 Different Goals of Kpop Rookie Girl groups

1. Girl's Day-like Girl Group

Most of k-pop rookie girl groups aim to become a Girl's Day-like girl group because it is a realistic goal. Girl’s Day doesn’t belong to a big k-pop agency, while it took about 4 years for the girl group to become one of the most popular k-pop idol groups. Unlike girl groups of big agencies, Girl’s Day is not a born idol star, and this brings hope to many rookie girl groups. To become a Girl's Day-like girl group, girl groups should endure hardships until their songs become big hits, while all the members need to appear in TV shows as often as possible because it’s about the only way for girl groups of small agencies to gain recognition from the public.

2. SISTAR-like Girl Group

Some of k-pop rookie girl groups aim to become SISTAR-like girl group. They’re encouraged by SISTAR because they think SISTAR could get to the top spot only because the girl group sings very well. You know, it certainly is notable that SISTAR is loved by so many people even though the 4-member girl group is not considered as one of the prettiest k-pop girl groups. Rookie girl groups who want to become a SISTAR-like girl group usually focus on their live performance activities instead of trying to appear in various TV shows.

3. Girls' Generation-like Girl Group

Actually, most of k-pop rookie girl groups can only dream of becoming a Girls' Generation-like girl group. To become a Girls' Generation-like girl group who holds world tour and earns lots of money all over the world, agency's capital strength is essential, which means only rookie girl groups of big agencies can become such a girl group. For now, only 3 young girl groups, Red Velvet, BLACKPINK and TWICE are the candidates for a Girls' Generation-like girl group.

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