Each WJSN Member’s Portion of "SECRET"

You know, WJSN made a comeback with its new song "Secret" on August 17. By the way, aren't you curious about how much portion of the song each WJSN member sings because the girl group has as many as 13 members? Well, check out the table below.

As you can see above, except for Yeonjung who covers 26.5% of "Secret," each WJSN member sings just a little part of the song. Luda has to show everything about herself just in 3 seconds!

Many people in the world of kpop say WJSN has too many members. As 13 members have to share one song, it's not easy for the members to get opportunities to give off their charms on the stage. This is one of the reasons why WJSN couldn't become as popular as other young girl groups like GFriend and TWICE even though Starship Entertainment, one of the most competent kpop agecies, is giving a full support to the girl group.

Of course, number of members is not all. There still remains a possibility that WJSN will achieve a great success. Girls' Generation debuted as a 9-member girl group and EXO had as many as 12 members when it debuted, while both of the idol groups are at the top position of the kpop world now.

Then, what do you think is the best way for each WJSN member to appeal to the public by giving off their charms? Well, music is the answer. If WJSN made a great hit with its song, the public will begin to be interested in each member of the girl group very naturally. Good luck to the 13 cute and lovely members!