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The GFriend members say they will not fix their limit

GFriend made a comeback with its new song "Navillera." Have you listened to the song? How do you like it? After releasing the song, the girl group topped various Korean online music charts, proving its great popularity in the world of Kpop. On July 11, the GFriend members held a comeback showcase and talked about their brand new album. Let's see what the members commented about their comeback.

Q. You released your new song “Navillera” and you’ve topped a variety of online music charts again. How do you feel?
Yuju: I just can't believe it. It hasn't still hit me yet.
SinB: I felt great when I read a comment that our music is really characterful.

Q. What did you care about the most when you were preparing for the album?
Umji: We cared much about our choreography. It was hard to take dance lessons, but I think we met with good results.
SinB: Even after finishing filming music video, we’ve changed our choreography. We felt pressured to show better choreography, and we worked really hard.

Q. It's notable that it's your first ever full album.
Umji: Yeah, it was not easy to record a total of 10 new songs for a short period of time. However, I could feel a sense of accomplishment after finishing recording the songs.

Q. Tell me about the album.
Sowon: The album is titled "LOL" and we wanted to show more mature aspects of ourselves through the album.
Eunha: A variety of genres of music are included in the album, and I'm sure you'll like it.

Q. You've been on a roll since you debuted in January 2015. What do you think about it?
Sowon: Actually, we think we're still growing up now. And as so many people gave us great supports, we feel burdened about releasing new songs. However, we always try not to forget our first time.
Umji: As a big sister and a leader, Sowon always leads us.
Yerin: Yeah, she's the youngest in her home, but she leads us really well as a great leader.
Sowon: Well, I think our strong point is our teamwork. You know, girls always fight. We occasionally have conflicts of opinions too, but I can confidently say that we get along very well with each other.

Q. Fans say that you became prettier.
Sowon: I think it's because we are loved by so many people.

Q. Among all the choreographies you've shown on stage since you debuted, which was the most difficult?
Yerin: It was the horse vaulting dance of "Me Gustas Tu." As there was an injury risk, I was nervous whenever we performed the song.
Yuju: We try to overcome such difficulties by making efforts for 24 hours.

Q. A hit maker Iggy and Yongbae wrote your title track again. Some say that you don't try to change.
Sowon: Well, it has been only a year and a half since we debuted. People say all of our songs are very similar, but we just want to show our own musical characteristics. And we have much more to show. Just like our role model Shinhwa, we will not fix our limit.

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