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Park Shin Hye vs Suzy: A Strong Rivalry

Two Korean female stars, Park Shin Hye and Suzy made comeback with their new dramas. Have you watched the dramas? Well, by the way, there's a strong argument about a comparison between the two actresses in Korea. Even though Park Shin Hye's drama "Doctors" airs on Mondays and Tuesdays, and Suzy's drama "Uncontrollably Fond" airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays, there's a strong rivalry between the two stars.

Well, here's a reason why there is a strong rivalry between Park Shin Hye and Suzy. Both of them are in their 20s, while Korean drama industry workers have had trouble their heads about absence of competitive actresses in their 20s. As you might know, actresses in their 30s such as Jeon Ji Hyun, Song Hyeo Kyo and more are still top stars in Korea, while there has been no actress in her 20s who distinguishes herself in Korean drama industry for the past few years. This is a serious problem of Korean drama industry. So, People are expecting that Park Shin Hye and Suzy will be the heroines who can lead the Hallyu movement for years from now.

So, who is the winner of the rivalry? It's Park Shin Hye so far. "Doctors" gets higher TV ratings than "Uncontrollably Fond," while Park Shin Hye has been showing great performance. You know, she has been acting for 13 years, and she reached a peak as an actress. Her acting performance is faultless. I'm sure there's no Korean actress who is in her 20s who can do better than Park Shin Hye.

Of course, a competition in good faith between Park Shin Hye and Suzy is not finished yet, and Suzy is doing good too. Even though some people still point out the lack of her acting skills, it doesn't mean her failure. Her performance is not top notch yet, but she has growth potential. She's only 22 now! You know what even top Korean actresses such as Jeon Ji Hyun and Song Hye Kyo were considered as terrible actresses when they debuted.

An interesting thing is that both of Park Shin Hye and Suzy are very loved by their drama staff members. As I said before, Park Shin Hye is very good natured. She is kind to everybody and always tries to take care of people around her. Suzy's personality is different from Park Shin Hye's, but unlike a vicious rumor about her that she's snobbish and ignores people around her, she laughs well and knows how to liven up the mood. She just is shy of strangers sometimes.

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