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Is Park Yuchun's Career really Over?

You know, JYJ's Park Yuchun, who is currently working as a public service worker has been accused of sexually assaulting a total of 4 women. The sex scandal drove the kpop star to the wall. Even though he was acquitted of all charged, the case is not over yet, and it seems like it will be never easy for him to make a comeback in Korean entertainment world. So, do you think his career as a idol star is really over? Actually, he has two problems to solve if he really wants to find a way to bounce back.

It's the fact that Park Yuchun met the 4 women and had sex with them. The problem is that he is suspected of buy sexual service. You know, prostitution is illegal in Korea, and people who pay for sex get legal punishment, which means Park Yuchun should prove he is not guilty if he doesn't want to get any legal punishment. That's why all media outlets in Korea are now paying sharp attention to whether he really bought sexual services or not.
However, I don't think that way. As I mentioned before, Baek Chang Joo, the CEO of Yuchun's company has enough cash, while his father is an influential gangster in Korea. Whether he really bought sexual services or not is not the crucial question. Police will soon announce that the 4 women and he had sex by mutual consent and he is innocent.

A bigger problem for Park Yuchun is that he is facing fierce public criticism. Aside from whether he is guilty or not, it's true that he had sexual relations with various women and led a disorderly life. As the public has considered him as a pleasant young man and a man of sound mind, people are expressing strong disappointment toward him.

A predictable scenario is that Park Yuchun will appear in his new movie a year later after apologizing through his agency. And he will be active in entertainment world as if nothing had happened. You know, famous movie star Lee Byung Hun made a successful comeback after being mixed up in a sex scandal too. There still will be a public criticism toward Park Yuchun, but his career will never be over.

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