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Interview with BEAST: They Promise not to Disband the team

Q. You released your new album after a one-year hiatus. How do you feel?
Dujun: I was so nervous before releasing the album. Actually, we've finished producing the album just before kicking off our Japan tour. Fortunately, it seems that many people like the album.

Q. It's notable that the title track "Ribbon" is a calm and sentimental song.
Junhyung: It's a urban pop music, but it seems like Korean fans consider the song as a ballad track. Hopefully we'll be able to be in an unique position as a group who does such a lyrical music.

Q. It's your first ever album since Jang Hyun Seung left BEAST.
Dujun: Yeah, we became 5-member group, and I feel awkward about situation. We'll try to fill the vacancy by working harder. I don't want to disappoint our fans.
Junhyung: As only 5 members left, each member has to do more. 
Gikwang: Hyunseung was a lead vocalist of the team and was a great dancer too. We need to do better to fill the vacancy. By the way, after he left BEAST, our meal expenses are reduced and we feel more comfortable in our vehicle.(laugh)

Q. Could you tell me about the reason why Hyunseung had to leave the team?
Yoseob: All 6 members exchanged opinions. He didn't decide on his own. We knew that we had different musical styles, and we agreed to differ. I think it was the right choice. We'll cheer for him, and I hope he will be on a roll as a solo musician.

Q. Your contract with Cube Entertainment is running out. And some of fans are worried that you would disband BEAST.
Dongwoon: You don't need to worry about it. Even though 4minute was disbanded, we want to be together for a long time. We need our fans' support.
Gikwang: BEAST has a special meaning to me. As I'm a member of BEAST, I can be active as an entertainer. I've never thought of leaving BEAST.
Yoseob: Frankly speaking, I'm scared about leaving the team and being active as a solo singer. And the BEAST members are more than fellow workers to me. They're my best friends.

Q. It seems like many fans are looking forward to your new dance track.
Junhyung: Through a statistical analysis, I got to know that our emotional songs are loved by many people. I want to show our strong points, but I'm sure we'll release our new cheerful dance track some day.

Q. It's also notable that not only Junhyung but also the other members wrote own songs, while Gikwang and Dujun's duet song is included in the album.
Yoseob: My own song is a sweet love song. The song is about my friend's love story, not mine.
Gikwang: I tried to write song which fits BEAST very well. And when Dujun and I sang a duet song at our concert, our fans really liked it. That's why we included our duet song in the album.
Q. It has been 7 years since you debuted. When was your best year?
Yoseob: I think it was 2011. We won a prize at "Gayo Grand Festival." and we were so active at that time. I hope we will have such a good time again soon.
Junhyung: I think it's important for us to be highly regarded by the general public.
Dongwoon: I don't care much about our best days. For me, it's important to do things tenaciously. Some say rookies are on a roll now and we're old-fashioned. In such a situation, I want to survive like a zombie.

Q. What do you do for fun?
Junhyung: Nothing special. We play video games and work out at a gym. And we drink beer too. We always talk about something useless when we drink.

Q. What is your goal as a team?
Dujun: I know there are many different views and opinions on us. However, things are always beyond our control. We listen carefully to other people's words, but we do not care too much about it. All the members became more confident than in the old days. We'll try not to be stuck in a rut and just enjoy our works.

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