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A Correlation between Girl's Day Minah's Eye-line and her Acting Performance

Have you enjoyed Girl's Day Minah's new drama "Beautiful Gongshim"? Actually, there were some concerns over Minah before the drama began to air. You know, she is not an experienced actress, and some said that it would be premature for her to play a lead role in a drama.

However, Minah showed great acting performance and removed all the concerns over herself. She is now regarded as one of the most promising young actresses among people in Korean drama industry.

So, what do you think is the secret of her success as an actress? Well, I think it is thanks to her eyes. It may sound strange, but it's true. As a member of Girl's Day, Minah always defined her eyes with make-up when she performed on stage. It was her trademark. However, when she appeared in "Beautiful Gongshim," she removed the eye and put on light makeup.(You know, she sometimes looks like Big Bang's G-Dragon in the drama) By doing this, she could transform into her character Gongshim perfectly. The girl is a ugly jobseeker who is always ignored by people around her. If she appeared in the drama wearing heavy makeup, nobody would have felt empathy to her character.

This means a lot to idol stars who want to win success as actresses. If they want to be a real actress, they have to change their minds. Here's an example. There is a female idol star. She is very famous and one of the most popular kpop idols. She always said she wants to appear in a drama. However, she didn't make a debut as an actress yet even though many drama producers have tried to cast her. Isn't it strange? So I asked her manager what happened to her. Imagine what he said about it. He said "Even though she is a rookie as an actress, she wants to take the lead role. And she said that she doesn't want to look ugly in dramas." She will never be able to succeed as an actress unless she changes her mind. You know what I'm talking about? She should improve her acting ability and try to get into her character perfectly instead of trying to look pretty in her drama. Yeah, just like Minah did.

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