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What Happened between JYJ Park Yuchun and a Prostitute Barmaid

JYJ's Park Yuchun is in trouble. The kpop star, who is currently working as a public service worker was accused of sexually assaulting a prostitute barmaid at a high class bar. Well, one thing is certain that he visited the bar and had a good time, but there are conflicting arguments surrounding the rape charge.

So, what do you think is the truth of the incident? I did a report on the case and could hear two stories about what happened between Park Yuchun and the prostitute barmaid although the two stories are totally different and it's still hard to judge which is the truth of the incident. Anyway, check out the two different stories I've heard from people in the kpop world.

Story #1
After Yuchun arrived at a high class bar, people who work there conspired together to entrap him. A prostitute barmaids tempted him and one of them had sexual intercourse with him at a restroom. The woman asked him to cum on her butt and he did it, but one of the male workers entered suddenly into the room and started to threat Yuchun. Yuchun said she's just a prostitute barmaid and nothing is the problem, but the man insisted that the woman is his girlfriend. The lawyer of Yuchun is now trying to negotiate with them.

Story #2
Yuchun visited a high class bar with 10 of his friends on his birthday. After drinking much alcohol, he took a barmaid into a restroom forcibly and raped her. And after being raped, the woman even couldn't get out from the restroom because there were Yuchun's friends and she felt shame.(The name of the bar is "10 Cafe," which is well known for its illicit sexual services. However, it is a practice that a visitor can't have sexual intercourse with a barmaid if she refuses)
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