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A Face Reader tells Miss A Suzy's fortune by her physiognomy

*The face reader belongs to Baeksan physiognomy association in Korea.

Suzy has a "fox face" just like pop star Madonna does. "Fox face" is not that rare type. We usually say person who has a fox face can possess somebody else and is not good-hearted.
She has a clear head and has the ability to fascinate people. That's why I think she will be able to be active in the entertainment world for a long time. She rose to stardom very quickly but she will not be on a downturn for the meantime. She will link her name with big scandals several times, but person who has a fox face is not usually damaged by scandals.
And one thing is certain that she will change her public image from a innocent girl to a sexy woman. She might fail several times, but she will get things done some time or other because she's capable of possessing people. She will have a good chance to achieve a success as a solo artist.
She will get married in her 30s after being in the entertainment business for a long time.
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