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A Big Difference between Girls' Generation and 4minute

The 4minute members decided to disband the team as their contracts with Cube Entertainment has expired. You know, Hyuna will stay at Cube Entertainment and will be active as a solo singer, while the other four members decided to leave the agency.

By the way, some of people in the world of kpop say that the disbanding of 4minute was predictable. Do you know why?

The five 4minute members got along well with each other. However, the problem was that Hyuna was the only member who has been in the spotlight. Many of ordinary people even don't know the names of the rest members.

As you may know, idol singers' future is very uncertain. During the 7 years of activities of 4minute, the four members have been suffering from relative deprivation. They were uncertain about the future, and they thought they had to do something. In this situation, 4minute released its new song "Hate" last February and the four members tried to get a chance to reverse things, but the result was away from their expectation. So, they had no option but to leave the group because they had to find a way to achieve independence from Hyuna. Isn't it a cruel thing that they have to active as "backup dancers" of Hyuna for another 7 years?

Actually, this story applies to other kpop idol groups too. Gong Minzy decided to leave 2NE1 because all the attention of YG was focused on CL, while Jia left Miss A due to the imbalance of popularity between Suzy and the rest members.

By the way, isn't it surprising that Girls' Generation is still showing off its undiminished power in the world of kpop even though it has been 9 years since the girl group debuted? Yeah, Jessica left the team, but it was an exception. She was deeply in love and she looks so happy with her boyfriend Tyler Kwon.

So, what do you think is the reason for Girls' Generation's long run? It's because all the members have their roles and there's almost no imbalance of popularity among the members. You know, Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun have been active as singers, while Yoona and Yuri have appeared in many dramas. And Sunny, Sooyung and Hyoyeon have been active through various entertainment shows.(As I said before, Yuri will release her solo album too) 

Since Girls' Generation debuted, SM Entertainment has tried to provide a fair shake of chance to every member because the biggest kpop agency already knew that the imbalance of popularity among members could have a bad influence on an idol group. That is a big difference between Girls' Generation and the other girl groups.

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