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Infinite's Woohyun doesn't feel pressured to surpass Sungkyu

On May 9, Infinite's Woohyun released his first ever solo album, while the album has a total of 6 tracks including the title song "Nodding." Well, through the press conference held on the release date, the attractive idol singer talked everything about the album. Check out what he said.

Q. You released your first ever solo album. How do you feel?
Woohyun: I felt some pressured about including my own songs in the album, but I'm happy to release the album. As I've been hard at work on the album with people who know well about me, I could express my own musical characteristics. and I'm sure that I put a lot of effort into the album. I recorded songs again and again and rewrote lyrics more than 10 times. It was very sophisticated work, and the tracks are like my babies.
Q. As a member of Infinite, you usually showed splendid dance performance on stage. However, the title track "Nodding" is a ballad song. Why did you choose the ballad song as the title track?
Woohyun: I thought a lot about the genre. I took various music genres such as dance, R&B, and funky into account too, but the representative of my agency said that he was very touched when I sang a ballad.

Q. What did you try to focus on when you produced the album?
Woohyun: As the album has ballad songs, I tried to seek changes through the rearrangement process. And as the songs are about parting, I didn't talk so much and even didn't meet people to be immersed in sad emotion.

Q. Do you think there is any difference between Infinite's Woohyun and solo singer Woohyun?
Woohyun: Well, when I perform as a main vocal of Infinite, I try to sing strongly because I have to express the energy of songs. However, as a solo singer, I sing with my natural voice. You will be able to feel the "real Woohyun" through my solo album. And oh, there's another difference. I'm very bored when I'm in a waiting room without the Infinite members. I have no one to have a meal with.

Q. What the Infinite members talked about your solo album?
Woohyun: The members are so straightforward and always give a hard-headed assessment of music. This time, they said all the track are good. They cheered a lot for me.

Q. Sungkyu has already released his solo albums. Don't you feel pressured to surpass him?
Woohyun: No, not at all. I don't feel pressure about it. I just want to show my own musical characteristics. Sungkyu said that "Scent" is his favorite among the 6 tracks of my album, and he cheered for me too.

Q. What do you want to achieve through your solo album?
Woohyun: It's very meaningful for me to take charge of A to Z of my album as a solo singer. I want to show the fact that I'm a singer who can sing various different songs.
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