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The Reason Why IU is called the "Chairman"

IU, one of the most famous k-pop stars, was just like the other rookie singers when she debuted in 2008. She was not that popular, while nobody anticipated that she will be a super star. The little girl had to sing other singers' songs on the air to promote herself.

However, I'm astonished at how much things have changed now. Since making a big hit with "Good Day" in 2010, IU has been on a roll. She became the most sought-after female singer in Korea, while she also got a honorable nickname "the national little sister.“

Well, by the way, what has changed is not only IU's position in the world of k-pop but also people's attitude toward her. When IU debuted, she was just a little girl. People in her agency made a baby of her. But, after she made a hit with "Good Day," she began to receive a star treatment. Now? Nobody can mess with her, while her word is law in her agency. That’s why she is called the "Chairman" by people in the world of k-pop. Oh, don't get me wrong. It just means that IU became such a influential and powerful super star. IU is still good-hearted and is nice to people around her.

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