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Sulli, the former member of f(x) has been at the center of issue. She revealed some photos taken with her boyfriend Dynamic Duo's Choiza on her instagram. She looked so happy in the photos, but some people are very worried about her mental state because ordinary idol stars don't post their photos with boyfriends. And you know, Sulli has already been embroiled in controversy a few times because she revealed some eccentric photos on her instagram since she opened the account. Then, what do you think? Do you think Sulli is in danger? Actually, there are two sides to the question.

First, I can say her career as an idol star is in danger. She left f(x) and became actress, but nobody can be sure about her success. She could become a famous star because she was a member of f(x), while just a very few idols who left their teams achieved success in the Korean entertainment world. And like I said, she revealed photos with her boyfriend on instagram, while ordinary idol stars never do such a thing. What do you think it means? Even though some of her fans praise for her independence, she is out of control now, and SM Entertainment, the biggest k-pop company can't watch her back any more.

However, I can't say her life as a woman is in danger. When I asked people in the k-pop world about Sulli, they said she's very happy now and is so satisfied with what she's doing. Even though people in SM Entertainment are troubled with Sulli's eccentric behaviors and some of her fans are worried about her, she's doing just fine. She knows value of love and has a right to live as she pleases. You know, all individuals have their own criteria for happiness.
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