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AOA Seolhyun's Middle School Classmate's Candid Comments about her

I was in the same class with Seolhyun when we were middle school seniors. When she participated in the Smart Model Contest, I wanted to reveal her real personality to the public but I didn't because she was not that popular at that time.

Actually, I'm so happy now because she is doing great as a member of a girl group. I know there are many idols who have a somewhat sordid past, but Seolhyun is different. Unlike the other teens who dreamed of becoming singers, Seolhyun was very goo-hearted and polite. I'm sure nobody who was in our school hates her.

She was really pretty but was an easy-going person. She was not a prude and she ate very well. And she did well in school and was in the top five of the class. Her best friend was the top student in our class. Even though I was not really close to her, she always kindly taught me a lot of things when I asked her about study. She was loved by not only her classmates but also teachers.

At first, I didn't want her to be an idol because idols are criticized by people for no reason. The good-hearted girl does not deserve to experience such a thing.
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