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The Reason Why Journalists don't like Hyeri and Misunderstanding about her

Do you like Girl's Day Hyeri? Well, I think all the kpop lovers like her. She's pretty, lovely, lively and cheerful. By the way, she's not that popular among kpop journalists. Aren't you surprised? Here's the reason.

Kpop idol stars are interviewed by many journalists. I don't think the stars show their real selves during the interviews, but I can figure out what kind of person they are to some degree. Journalists like obedient and affable stars because such stars answer questions very well. They give long, detailed and sincere answer. However, Hyeri is not a person of that type, at least in front of journalists. That's why many journalists do not like her.

"But, there's a misunderstanding about her. As far as know, she's a person of cheerful deposition just like her drama character Duksun. She's just not used to be interviewed and doesn't want to flatter the journalists. Some of my acquaintances were at the filming spot of "Reply 1988", and all of them said Hyeri was very kind and friendly to people around her.(Some of them said Ryu Jun Yeol is a son of a bitch) And one more thing. She has been too busy in recent years. The idol star filmed countless commercials. And she had to promote Girl's Day's song too. The tight schedule has totally worn her out and she even didn't have energy to talk much when she's interviewed."
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