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The Reason Why Jessica Joins Hands with a Publicist for Shinhwa

Jessica, the former member of Girls' Generation is ready to make a comeback. Since leaving SM Entertainment in September 2015, the female idol star has made preparations for her comeback as a solo singer, and the project is now in its final stages. And prior to the new start, she made a exclusive contract with a new agency, Coridel Entertainment. As you know, CEO of the company is Tyler Kwon, a man who is deeply involved with Jessica. Well, it's no wonder.

By the way, it's notable that Jessica(and Coridel Entertainment) joined hands with a publicist for Shinhwa. Big kpop agencies like SM, YG, JYP and FNC have their own publicists and they do not need to employ extra publicist. However, small agencies like Coridel Entertainment do not have their own systems for publicity, and they need outside help. That's why some publicists are active in the world of kpop. The publicists promote kpop singers and get paid by the singers' agencies. 
"No doubt, Jessica is a famous kpop star. However, she is now in danger. She left her group, Girls' Generation, the most popular kpop girl group, and can no longer receive full support from SM Entertainment, the No.1 kpop agency.(Some may be worried if SM interferes with Jessica's activity as a solo singer. However, I asked SM about Jessica, and I think you don't need to worry about any disturbance by the company. The company's attitude toward Jessica is certainly different from that toward JYJ. They said they're already finished with her and they're not interested in her any more.)"

Anyway, a publicist for Shinhwa, Ms. Jung, can be a great help to Jessica's comeback and that's why Jessica joined hands with her. Ms.Jung has been in the world of kpop for many years and is in good terms with many journalists. She is now promoting not only Shinhwa but also many other kpop stars such as Jung Jun Young, Double S 301, and Younha. There still is a criticism toward Jessica, and Ms. Jung will be the one who can do something to improve Jessica's image.

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