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Lee Seung Gi's Hair Loss and His Agency in Hot Anger

You know, kpop star Lee Seung Gi joined the army last February and many fans must be missing him. If some of you are wondering if he is doing well in the army, don't worry about it. He's doing great. He's a good-natured but strong-willed person, so I'm sure everyone in the army likes him.

By the way, a photo of Lee Seung Gi was recently embroiled in controversy. In the photo, the young soldier is being baptized. But netizens noticed that he has a broad forehead and they said the problem of his hair loss is serious. The photo has been really hot on the web. Lee Seung Gi's agency was enraged by this and asked portal sites for deleting all the posts about Lee Seung Gi's hair loss.

I understand Lee Seung Gi's agency because the hair loss thing can harm the young star's image. However, don't you think that's a little extreme? People have right to talk freely about Lee Seung Gi's photo and nobody can control the public opinion by deleting all the posts on Internet BBS. 

"Actually, the representative of Lee Seung Gi's agency, Ms. Kwon, is well known for her difficult personality. As you know, Lee Seung Gi is really good-hearted, and his label mate Lee Sun Hee is famous for her heart of gold. However, Ms. Kwon, she is a spitfire. She bows to nobody and loses her temper easily. If she doesn't like an article, she calls or visits media outlet and complains until she gets what she wants. She's only kind to Lee Seung Gi and Lee Sun Hee. If she sees this post, she will come running to me right away. Anyway, I hope Seung Gi's safe return to the world of kpop."
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