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G.NA Mixed up in a Sex Scandal: Why are Kpop Idols tempted to Prostitute themselves?

According to the prosecution, a young k-pop female star G.NA has been called in to investigate on suspicion of having sex with a man of wealth in return for receiving about 30,000 USD in 2016. Of course, such allegations have yet to be confirmed, but it certainly was a shocking news for k-pop fans, while Cube Entertainment terminated its contract with G.NA due to the scandal even though the agency officially announced that the contract has already ended at the end of 2015.

I can’t say she is guilty, but it’s true a few of Korean female entertainers prostitute themselves. They sometimes even go abroad and have sex with rich men to avoid legal punishment in Korea. You might say that you don't understand why some of Korean entertainers who seem to earn a lot of money prostitute themselves. Well, here are some reasons for it.

First, everyone wants easy money. No one would say no to easy and big money, right? When I asked people in the Korean entertainment world about Korean entertainers’ prostitution, they said “Once they begin to prostitute themselves, they can’t stop doing it because they can earn big money very easily through prostitution. Some of them are even addicted to doing it.”

Second, not all Korean entertainers earn big money through their entertainment activities, while there are so many entertainers who are experiencing financial difficulties. Actually, there are sex brokers in the Korean entertainment world who connect female entertainers to rich men, and they tempt female entertainers who are experiencing financial difficulties to prostitute themselves.

Third, there are a few vicious entertainment agencies which force their entertainers to prostitute themselves. All the agencies want is money, and they don’t even feel guilty about forcing their entertainers to sell their bodies. Female entertainers of vicious agencies sometimes work as bar hostesses, while some of them receive a financial support periodically from rich sponsors in return for physical relationships.

Fourth, entertainers can’t give up the habit of overspending. Famous entertainers earn much more than ordinary people and they spend more money too. However, some of them can’t give up the habit of overspending even after they lose their popularity. So, some female entertainers who became unpopular but still need big money are occasionally tempted to prostitute themselves because they think it is the only way to make big money in a short period of time.

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